Monday, February 11, 2019

Growing Up.

Shirt Dress - Monsturo
Pants - Murua
Belt - Gu
Bag - Fendi Peekaboo
Shoes - Dior

So it has been a while now since the last time I post on this blog. Life has changed and part of growing up, you have more responsibility and the blog got neglected. But honestly, I missed my blogging days. It has been 4 years now since the last time I posted my last Blog Post, wow time really does flies so fast ! So Hi guys, how have you guys been doing ?! I miss all of your comments and hopefully I can blog more often this upcoming year of 2019. My style preference has changed over the years and you will see more Monochromatic look from my outfits (Yeah part of growing up, I am no longer into crazy pattern and leaning toward more simple look - like the one that I'm currently wearing). Starting the year with White and Black outfit and a pop of brown for my bag to boost things up !

Here are also some of the snippets of my new year food feast where I went to a Japanese BBQ dining with my family for a day out before the fireworks celebration:

 Full Course Japanese Wagyu Beef

 Japanese A6 Kalbi dipped in Marinated Sauce

 Comfort Food: Korean Pancake, Pajeon


  1. People Has to Grow anyway.. but you doesn't have to stop blog. Got to tell the world what u think girl !!

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  2. mba, kenapa aku justru lebih fokusnya ke makanan yang diposting ya 😂😂😂, kayak enak aja

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